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The utter faith and dedication Lucas, aka Lautlos, has in his music as an art form and career is nothing short of inspirational. This is someone who knows where his goal is and the path he has to follow to reach it. He understands that hard work and persistence will get him to where he is literally destined to be. His love for XYZA, his fellow producers and the growing scene in Miami, FL makes him that much more essential to what our city needs musically, and we're more than happy to have him a part of everything we do. If there is a body to XYZA, Lautlos is the soul.

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With a cinematic structure attributed to his songs, Rob, aka Second Nature, provides his listeners an experience that is rousing, poignant, and moving, both physically and emotionally. More than just a DJ and producer, Second Nature is a frequent attendee to events of various scenes in Miami, FL, giving him an understanding of the good, the bad, and the ugly of our city. This makes him a vital role to the XYZA team in further establishing our presence in Miami whilst creating our own niche crowd.



Founder of XYZA, producer, DJ, and sound-swimmer, Matt, aka Palmdays, truly believes local artists should, can and will be leading all scenes here in Miami, FL. They just need to work together. Having started his music project after forming XYZA, he takes most inspiration from his fellow producers and delves into new sounds on a daily basis. With a palette as large as the color wheel itself, Palmdays aims to have XYZA represent as many Miami, FL based artists that it can. You never know what the next big genre might be, and it might just come from here if people like Palmdays keep digging.