The Rebirth of SPACE TAPES

Since it's formation in 2014, Space Tapes, started by David Sinopoli, was a platform for local Miami, FL artists such as Nuri, Austin Paul, and Telescope Thieves. As most of you who are reading this may know, David Sinopoli, co-founder of III Points, booking agent for Bardot and owner of Club Space, stays pretty active when it comes to developing music events and helping shape the culture. After a few releases, David felt it right to pass the torch to someone else with high-hopes invested in the record label and it's vision. That someone is South Florida producer, Nick León.


If you frequent any of David's events, Nick León is probably a name you have come across more than once. With his "Profecíaalbum released by Alpha Pup Records, performances with RedBull Sound Select, productions for Denzel Curry, The Underachievers, Robb Bank$, and many more under his belt, Nick León has undoubtedly been the local producer who people have had their eyes on. Now he is sharing that spotlight with fellow SoFlo artists.

The rebirth of Space Tapes not only marks a new chapter for Nick León and the label itself, but for every producer between the 305 and the 954. With Space Tapes' evolution comes a new batch of artists of sundry genres that Nick hand-picked to musically represent it's forthcoming compilation simply named "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1". Additionally, Floyd (Club Space) will be hosting the Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1 release party the same day as the album hits the interwebs. 

Luckily for us at XYZA we got a pre-release listen to the compilation which includes but not limited to all the performing acts of the release party. We don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but we must say that there are some songs we have been waiting years to hear and others that surprised us to say the least. Don't fret, we will be discussing the album more in depth with Nick León in a video-interview next week.

"Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" drops Friday, May 26, and make sure to be at the release party that night. Follow the link below for more information.

"DIY together"