Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1

Last week Nick León, the new head of Miami, FL based record label, Space Tapes, announced it's relaunch, fueled by it's first ever compilation. We were honored with being one of the first people to preview the album which dropped this morning at 10:00 am. Consisting of 9 tracks by 13 South Floridian producers "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" exhibits much more than just the manifold that is our city's bedroom-producer driven community. It testifies to the artists' close-knit friendship with one another beyond their collaborative ingenuity demonstrated throughout the entirety of the compilation.

We were able to get a few words in with Nick León who has been diligently preparing for the "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" release and it's party which is tonight at Floyd Miami.


What's new about Space Tapes this time around?

"Just under new management, I felt like it would be cool to have an artist run label for local artists. Instead of a set roster it’s more of just a platform or filter so that we can have a home base for the alternative music that I feel gets overlooked where we’re from." - Nick León

So which local producers have tracks on "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1"?

"There are 9 songs, but some artists collaborated together on work."

  • Mr. Alexis
  • NURI
  • Parrot Jungle 95
  • Lautlos x Phantasman
  • Get Face
  • Byrdipop x Poorgrrrl x Austin Paul
  • TIDUR. x Nick León
  • Lautlos
  • SNDNGCHLLZ x Bear 

What made you decide on the roster of artists for this compilation?

"Honestly these were just the people who sent me stuff first and also that I have regular contact with consistently."

Are there other artists you have your eyes on in South Florida that weren't included?

"Definitely, I’m already putting together a Vol. 2. There is no shortage of talent in our area, just felt like it wouldn’t do justice if it was a 20 track compilation."

Do you have any plans to help support them further with artistic development or professionally?

"Starting up Space Tapes again is my way of trying to give back, I’m really open to helping in any way I can. I’ve been hosting some jam sessions and offer any production advice I can. Obviously on the release end we’re putting up music through all platforms and services. At the end of the day though it's really about us all working together to help further the community. DIY together like you say."

What does the future of Space Tapes have in store for us?

"Lautlos' EP comes out next month and we’re going to have some merch in the works as well."

And as for your future?

"Keep doing what I do!"

Bonus Question: Who is the Meme-King of all the group chats with fellow producers? Do you have any memes of their's to share?

"It's a tie between Mr. Alexis & SNDNGCHLLZ. I don’t have the memes on my phone, but you should hit them up. Grade A content!"

Thanks for your time, Nick!

"Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" is OUT NOW! 

For more information on the release party TONIGHT, follow the link below and RSVP:

Space Tapes Release Party

"DIY together"