Blaps & Daps (presented by Dust Heavy Collective)

Since the turn of the decade, the culture-pockets of The Sunshine State have grown larger and more supportive of their local music acts, whilst creating pathways for various scenes to reach fans from neighboring towns. With followers stretching from Tallahassee to Homestead, Floridians have shown that through the channels of social media and mutual friends we can develop and expand our reach, allowing us to further our efforts in leaving a mark on the music industry.

Aside from Miami overflowing with amateur and seasoned talent, a few notable cities with strong bases for local and international music include, but not limited to, Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale, which is where I first met gry.clds, co-founder of Dust Heavy Collective.

I was introduced to gry.clds (pronounced "grey clouds") through our mutual friend and XYZA partner, Lautlos, who took me to Radio-Active Records for my first "Blaps & Daps" event which Lautlos was on the line-up for. After the event Lautlos, gry.clds and I drove to a nearby Latin food restaurant where I ate the meanest burrito I've ever had, washed down with a Colt 45, and talked with Lautlos and gry.clds about music, community and our future's. The months following that night held more Blaps & Daps, a Dust Heavy take over of our late weekly event, The Night Shift, and a number of other showcases hosted by Dust Heavy Collective. 

With the next Blaps & Daps just 2 days away, I got to chat it up with gry.clds for a short Q&A so that any of you out there reading this can know about what he's been up to in helping grow our local Floridian music community.


Lets start with getting people more familiarized with you; who is gry.clds?

         gry.clds is a South Florida based producer that makes electronic music (Hip-Hop/ Ambient/Experimental etc.), does digital and film photography as well as collage art...also runs Dust Heavy Collective alongside Dr. LaFlow.

Now that people know you a bit more, what got you to launch Dust Heavy Collective?

         The reason Dust Heavy Collective was launched was because at the time, I knew a few Florida based producers but we we’re all just scattered around Florida, with nothing connecting us and no platform to help us get our music out there and none of us were really doing shows. I knew of some collectives and labels that were releasing music and putting shows together in New York, California, and in other areas, but at the time I wasn’t aware of any in South Florida. So after some time toying with the idea, we finally started it up with a few founding members late 2013. So my goal was that Dust Heavy Collective could provide Florida based producers with a platform for getting their music out there, provide producers with somewhere to meet other producers, network as well as somewhere to perform. 

What’s Blaps & Daps about and what can we expect this Saturday, now that its at a new location (Inkwell Pub)?

         "Blaps & Daps" is, for lack of a better explanation, an event similar to Boiler Room, The Night Shift, Miami Paradise etc. where producers are able to perform live sets of their music, with sometimes visuals accompanying them. We like to mix it up, so we try to get producers that we’ve never had before to perform, as well as just mixing up the type of sets that we’ll have for the night. Sounds range from Ambient, experimental, Future Bass, Boom Bap, lo-fi etc. People in attendance can expect a chill atmosphere to listen to some amazing music, hang out and crack open a cold one with the boys and girls, network, dance etc. all in an intimate environment. We will be raffling off a Dust Heavy Collective shirt, a Dr. LaFlow unsound methods cassette, and a Dust Heavy Collective Heavy Dust Volume 9 cassette (our last in the "Heavy Dust" series), and if I can come across one, I’ll also throw in a copy of my release "Darkness at Noon". No promises though!

Anything else planned for Dust Heavy’s future that you can share with the readers?

         Things I’d like to eventually put together that don’t have dates yet include:

  • Split cassette releases
  • A "Friends of Dust Heavy Collective" compilation (cassette release or digital)
  • Zines (This actually started a few years ago, but was put on the backburner)
  • We did a small run of shirts (available this Saturday), but I’d like to do hats, and possibly tote bags in the future

Lastly, what goes best in a Colt 45 (32 ounce bottle)?

You already know, you gotta put that LIME in it!

Thanks gry.clds!

For more info and RSVP follow the link below

Blaps & Daps (presented by Dust Heavy Collective)

Make sure to check out all the artists on the line-up

"DIY together"

Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1

Last week Nick León, the new head of Miami, FL based record label, Space Tapes, announced it's relaunch, fueled by it's first ever compilation. We were honored with being one of the first people to preview the album which dropped this morning at 10:00 am. Consisting of 9 tracks by 13 South Floridian producers "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" exhibits much more than just the manifold that is our city's bedroom-producer driven community. It testifies to the artists' close-knit friendship with one another beyond their collaborative ingenuity demonstrated throughout the entirety of the compilation.

We were able to get a few words in with Nick León who has been diligently preparing for the "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" release and it's party which is tonight at Floyd Miami.


What's new about Space Tapes this time around?

"Just under new management, I felt like it would be cool to have an artist run label for local artists. Instead of a set roster it’s more of just a platform or filter so that we can have a home base for the alternative music that I feel gets overlooked where we’re from." - Nick León

So which local producers have tracks on "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1"?

"There are 9 songs, but some artists collaborated together on work."

  • Mr. Alexis
  • NURI
  • Parrot Jungle 95
  • Lautlos x Phantasman
  • Get Face
  • Byrdipop x Poorgrrrl x Austin Paul
  • TIDUR. x Nick León
  • Lautlos
  • SNDNGCHLLZ x Bear 

What made you decide on the roster of artists for this compilation?

"Honestly these were just the people who sent me stuff first and also that I have regular contact with consistently."

Are there other artists you have your eyes on in South Florida that weren't included?

"Definitely, I’m already putting together a Vol. 2. There is no shortage of talent in our area, just felt like it wouldn’t do justice if it was a 20 track compilation."

Do you have any plans to help support them further with artistic development or professionally?

"Starting up Space Tapes again is my way of trying to give back, I’m really open to helping in any way I can. I’ve been hosting some jam sessions and offer any production advice I can. Obviously on the release end we’re putting up music through all platforms and services. At the end of the day though it's really about us all working together to help further the community. DIY together like you say."

What does the future of Space Tapes have in store for us?

"Lautlos' EP comes out next month and we’re going to have some merch in the works as well."

And as for your future?

"Keep doing what I do!"

Bonus Question: Who is the Meme-King of all the group chats with fellow producers? Do you have any memes of their's to share?

"It's a tie between Mr. Alexis & SNDNGCHLLZ. I don’t have the memes on my phone, but you should hit them up. Grade A content!"

Thanks for your time, Nick!

"Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" is OUT NOW! 

For more information on the release party TONIGHT, follow the link below and RSVP:

Space Tapes Release Party

"DIY together"

The Rebirth of SPACE TAPES

Since it's formation in 2014, Space Tapes, started by David Sinopoli, was a platform for local Miami, FL artists such as Nuri, Austin Paul, and Telescope Thieves. As most of you who are reading this may know, David Sinopoli, co-founder of III Points, booking agent for Bardot and owner of Club Space, stays pretty active when it comes to developing music events and helping shape the culture. After a few releases, David felt it right to pass the torch to someone else with high-hopes invested in the record label and it's vision. That someone is South Florida producer, Nick León.


If you frequent any of David's events, Nick León is probably a name you have come across more than once. With his "Profecíaalbum released by Alpha Pup Records, performances with RedBull Sound Select, productions for Denzel Curry, The Underachievers, Robb Bank$, and many more under his belt, Nick León has undoubtedly been the local producer who people have had their eyes on. Now he is sharing that spotlight with fellow SoFlo artists.

The rebirth of Space Tapes not only marks a new chapter for Nick León and the label itself, but for every producer between the 305 and the 954. With Space Tapes' evolution comes a new batch of artists of sundry genres that Nick hand-picked to musically represent it's forthcoming compilation simply named "Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1". Additionally, Floyd (Club Space) will be hosting the Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1 release party the same day as the album hits the interwebs. 

Luckily for us at XYZA we got a pre-release listen to the compilation which includes but not limited to all the performing acts of the release party. We don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but we must say that there are some songs we have been waiting years to hear and others that surprised us to say the least. Don't fret, we will be discussing the album more in depth with Nick León in a video-interview next week.

"Space Tapes Compilation Vol. 1" drops Friday, May 26, and make sure to be at the release party that night. Follow the link below for more information.

"DIY together"


III Points V: Line-up

The anticipation is over!

With last month's announcement of Gorillaz headlining III Points' fifth year installment, every fan of the festival and it's non-festival related events have been wondering who else will be taking to one of the various stages of the 3-day fete.

Some may recognize familiar acts such as Nicolas Jaar, The XX, Kaytranada, Thundercat and Jacques Greene from previous III Points events alongside returning locals Jacuzzi Boys, Virgo, Twelve'lenPoorgrrrl and many more. 

Not only does the line-up have everyone pumped for this year, but the stages (listed at bottom of flyer) are also worth noting, with our friends at The Love Below locked-in to bring the vibes they set every Tuesday at The Electric Pickle (who also have a stage this year).

Now that everyone has a clearer vision of what to look forward to all we can do is wait for October 13th to roll around.

Stay posted for further updates on XYZA, III Points, and everything else that is Miami-music.

"DIY together"

* for more information on III Points and to purchase tickets follow the link below.