Everybody brings different ideas...we help each other out artistically and creatively...that’s what XYZA is all about
— Phantasman
I’m interested in how the future of the Miami music scene will be after XYZA...we made a movement in Miami to put a spotlight into Miami
— Second Nature
There’s a lot of people who have the same mindset they just have trouble finding other people like us...I feel like we’re impacting it a lot...we’re kind of waking people up
— Pazmal
There’s a feeling of a movement behind’s organic in that sense...this is what we do, this is who we are, we’re just doing it and people are getting it
— Telescope Thieves
It’s continuing to’s going to expand...and its going to explode eventually
— Tidur
We’re trying to make people feel something...what we’re doing is something that this city needs to happen...the only thing to do is to go up from here...DIY together always
— Lautlos
I can see the exponential growth...everyone has something to contribute and we definitely contribute...we got this
— Kaixen

We continue to push the envelope of our local Miami, FL music scene, to put our hometown artists at the forefront by bringing together a community of movers, shakers and producers who collectively press the limits of the music industry.

Since our formation on March 5th, 2014, XYZA has gone through a lot of changes, but our motto stays the same; 

DIY together